Monday, August 11, 2008

My baby is ONE and 1st day of school

My kids are growing up way too fast! Jace has started school and Kendall turned one on the 6th. I feel a little old! I cannot believe how time flies. It is crazy!
It is fun to see Kendall and her personality. She is a little fire cracker! She is walking now and she says quite a few words. She has passed Connor in speech and physical abilities. It seems so new, because it has been 4 years since we experienced all of this with Jace. We still get to experience it with Connor too, it is just a little bitter sweet that my 1yr. old is talking and walking better than my almost 3yr. old. He will get there with time and maybe seeing her do and say things will help him.
Here are some pics of Kendall during her first year! Only a few minutes old and she already knows how to give the stink eye!One of my favorites of her blessing day!

The boys loved to hold her. Jace is always saying, "take a picture with me holding sissy."

Connor has always loved holding her, she has never liked it so much. He usually hurts her, but not meaning to, so now whenever he even gets near her she starts to whine. She is a bit of a drama queen!
She had such crazy hair before we cut it. I thought she looked like a little rooster:)
I think this one is so flippin cute! My little punk rocker! ... See how wierd her hair looks! That is why we cut it! I am so glad we did too! Thanks Tiff.
Here she is with her best friend, Evanna Richardson. And yes I know the bow is a little crazy! She looks more like a present! I thought it was cute though.
Here we are at Reilly's wedding. I love having a little girl!
Our little Easter bunny! Sooo cute!

Found her playing in the linen closet. She had so much fun!

Loves to wear my sunglasses! She looks like a fly:) I love it!

It was hard having her turn 1! I wish she could stay little forever! Normally we would start trying for another baby about now, but since things are a little crazy with Connor we are holding off for a while.

Here are the joys of my life! Aunt Ruthie bought them these cute clothes, and I love them! This picture was taken on Jace's first day of school, and everyone got to put on a new outfit. Thanks Ruth, we love you!

Here are more pictures of Jace's first day.

He was a little mad that I made him take picures in front of our house. He just wanted to get to school, so he said, "Mom, you can wait and take them when we are at my school, you need to take me now!"

A fun but scary day for me! I know he will do great though. Larry and I are so proud of him. We love you Jace!

I know there are a lot of pictures, but I don't know how to do a slide show. Sorry!

I also don't know how you get it to where you can click on the picture and make it go big, so if anyone can help me out, it would be nice!


Ashley said...

I loved your post! I can not believe you have a child that is in school but how exciting! I am sure he loves it! Happy late birthday to Kendall

huntfam said...

I love them!! Kendall is so cute, and her hair is amazing!! My heart goes out to my little Connie! I love him! He will be fine and all will be great in the end! Jace is so stinkin' funny. I love that he got mad at you!! What a boy! I love them and miss them so much. So when are you coming to Utah to visit me. HUH, HUH, HUH?

Jon and Rach said...

Hey megs! It looks super cute! I totally had fun dancin off with you guys!!! LOl

Lamar &Jaime said...

Happy 1st Kendall. I totally agree, they grow up way to fast. I heard about meet the teacher day, Jayce cracks me up!! Cute Pics too. Jaime

Julie said...

Wow.. time goes by way too fast! I cannot believe he's going to school! Crazy! Your little ones are sooo cute! One day, if I ever have a day without babysitting kids, I need to head over there to let our little ones play. Jaymi says you guys have lots of fun at the park! Miss ya!

Nicole said...

So cute! It's crazy how time flies:)

Dee Waite's said...

Wow you and Nicole have Kids in school and your baby is one...time flys to fast. I think that I might cry when Brynadee turns one then that means that I will have to have a nother baby LOL jk your kids are really cute though...

Mel's Family said...

Hey's me, Melinda. I'm glad you found my blog! Your kids are so cute...but watch out, they grow up too fast! My baby just turned 17 yeserday, and my oldest is 25....I can hardly believe it! I keep asking myself "how can someone so young have a baby that is 17 years old?" LOL (then I remind myself that I'm 50 years old!)