Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apache County Fair

I just Love these Kids!

This last weekend was the county fair. I have always loved the fair and the carnival, but this year it was even more fun to me. We entered in our animals and some zucchini from our garden. Larry said that you could enter almost anything in and suggested that I make some bread and enter in some of the crafts that I had made to decorate our house, so I did. We had so much fun and we all won some ribbons! I guess my brain had been in left field or I had completely forgotten that you can enter things in for free and you win prize money for the ribbons you get. I had never entered anything in before so maybe that's why I never really thought much about it. Anyway, we had lots of fun seeing what we won.
Here are some of our pictures.

Jace won most outstanding exhibit for his animals!
He got blue ribbons for his turkey and two ducks, red ribbons for his chicken, rabbit, zucchini, and the mutt show, and he got a white ribbon for one of his other rabbits.

Here is Jace with his zucchini. He has been a good helper with the garden this year.

Here is our dog Copper and the bull dog he was up against.

Connor won a blue ribbon for the chicken he entered. He was so excited to take his picture.

Kendall won a red and blue ribbon for her rabbits. We had to bribe her with candy to get her picture taken.

Larry got a blue and red ribbon for his rabbits and chicken and a red one for his zucchini. Larry is the reason we even entered anything in and won ribbons. He is the best ever, even if he looks like Grizzly Adams.
I won a blue and red ribbon for my bread, a white ribbon for my zucchini, and some blue, red, and a white for the crafts that I entered.

Our family won a total of $133 woo hoo! It was nice cause that covered all the money we spent on all the yummy fair food and the fun carnival rides!

There was no way we were going to be able to get pics taken with our wild kids and all of our entries at the fair, so this is how we decided to document our achievements. I am so proud of my family. They are so good at helping with all the chores, and we had such a blast at the fair. It was neat to see all our hard work pay off.