Friday, February 29, 2008

Jace absolutely loves to dress up and pretend that he is the character of his favorite movie. For about two years all he wanted to do was be woody from Toy Story. Every once in a while he will still come to me and ask if he can be woody. Well now he is really into Shrek. Larry got him a Shrek 2 xbox game and he is obsessed with being Puss-n-boots. For about the past month he wants to be puss. He won't even answer to Jace anymore. He'll say," my name is puss mom." I absolutely hate that word, but I can't really tell him not to say it without telling him why so we are trying to get him to say puss-n-boots. Yes I have tried to get him to be Shrek or Donkey but after him yelling to me in the dentist office that his name is Puss and not Donkey or Shrek I thought it was better to just let it be. It has been a little embarrassing because he won't even wait until peaple ask him his name he will just say, "I'm Puss." When the dentist called his name he said, "I'm not Jace I'm puss." Yeah, it is great! It gets even better, the other day he was watching Dora and she asked what you sleep with at night to help you sleep, and of course Jace says back to the TV woody and puss. I am just glad we don't have a puss-n-boots costume cause I know it would make things worse. He already puts on his boots, his cowboy hat, and a blanket around his neck for his cape and runs around the house yelling, "Super Puss!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

These are my three favorite kids in the world!
I am so retarded when it comes to computers so my awesome sister Tiffany helped me set this up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!