Monday, March 2, 2009

Goodbye Piper

Today has been a sad day for our family. Our dog Piper died last night:( I am not usually one to care too much for pets, because our family never really had one for very long and we never got that attached. Larry's family had all kinds of pets when he was growing up and we wanted a dog that could grow up with our kids. We thought that Piper was going to be the one. We only had her for a couple of months, but she was so good with the kids and she didn't bark all the time. She was given to us by our sister-in-law, who breeds Malamutes. She would have normally cost about $1000, but she was a Christmas present for Larry, and we all loved her very much. I don't remember ever crying about losing a dog. I was ok and didn't cry until I told Jace that Piper died, then he started crying. He said,"Mom, I'm really going to miss Piper she was good to us. She would always sit when we gave her a bone cookie." It was so cute. He tried to tell Connor and Kendall that Piper died and that she went to heaven, but got frustrated cause they didn't understand. They would just point outside and say "Piper!" All the kids loved her, but Connor probably liked playing with her the most. I didn't get any pictures of Jace or Kendall with her which makes me sad, but thankfully I got some with Connor. He was always smothering her:)We are not sure what happened to make her sick. We know it wasn't parvo cause she had all her shots, but she might have gotten into some kind of poison. Someone my dad works with said that there was someone in town poisoning dogs, but who knows. We just miss her, and hopefully we will find another dog someday that we love just as much.