Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A lot going on = Long post

So... A lot has happened in the last few weeks. On the 14th of July we had to be in Phoenix for an Opthamologist appt for Connor. It was just a check up to see if anything has changed, and it hasn't. He still has mild CVI and they want to see us again in December or January. The Dr. told me that his CVI isn't what is causing his lack of speech or his imbalance so we are still looking into what IS causing it. Larry couldn't come with me, so my mom came and helped out a ton! Thanks mom, couldn't have done it without you! Also a huge thanks to Nicole for letting us stay at her house. It was lots of fun for us. We came home on the 15th then had to go to the E.N.T. on the 17th. I had church softball games to go to as well, so it was a little crazy! Luckily my awesome friend Kyndra from my old ward in Mesa came and stayed with us. She is amazing! She was such a huge help. She did it as one of her value projects in Young womens and I am so grateful for it! I think she should be able to pass off like 3 or 4 of em. She did so much for me. I even got in a few naps! It was gr8t. Here are some pics of us being funny!She was only going to stay from Tues.- Sun. but she was able to stay a few more days which worked out perfect cause Connor had to see an Audiologist on Monday the 21st and a Pediatrician that works with kids who have special needs on the 22nd. Yeah, it was a crazy week, and still no more answers. They all just tell me that there is definitely something going on with him, but they don't know exactly what it is. They just know that he is globally delayed. They will probably send him to a developmental pediatrician in the Valley and have him see a geneticist too... So for now we just keep doing his therapy and he will most likely start school when he turns 3 in October. He has made some progress. When we ask him to do something for us or tell him it is time for bed he will look at us and say "no" which is good that he is answering, not that he is telling us no. Also when I went to pick him up from nursery last Sunday he ran to me and said "mama" for the first time! I was so excited! I got all teary eyed and was praising him for saying it to me. The nursery ladies probably thought I was a freak show, but I don't care. He has mumbled and said mamamamama a lot of times, but never referred to me as mama. It has always just been "ma." It was a great day! I love him so much. Just this morning Larry and I found him in his room like this. He does the funniest things!

So after all the "fun" with Connor's appts. we took Kyndra to meet her parents, came home and got Larry ready for Scout Camp and we packed up to go to SJ for the 24th celebrations. It was a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while. We also celebrated Jace's 5th birthday on the 25th. Here are some pics.

He had just woke up and said, "OK mom, now can I open my present?" He got a Ben 10 watch, the only thing he had been asking for for his birthday. Then we decorated his cake together.

After decorating his cake we got ready to go to his friend J.T.'s house to play for a little while until the rodeo started. Then we went to the rodeo so he could see his cousins and ride a horse.
It was so fun to spend the day with him. I took Connor to the day care that my aunts run in SJ so I could focus my attention on Jace and make him feel extra special. Kendall came with us, but once we got there our good friend Heather Peterson took her and I barely saw her the whole time we were at the rodeo.
Cousin Colt managed to steal her away for a little while. They look so cute together! After the rodeo we went to the camp fire circle to eat and visit more with old friends. That is where we sang happy birthday to Jace and let him dig into his cake. He only wanted to eat the m and m's and I told him no so that other people could have some. He wasn't very happy with me and when I wasn't looking he got his cake and took off a handful of the m and m's and shoved them in his mouth. I wasn't fast enough with my camera to get a picture :( but it was funny! Then my mom watched Kendall and Connor so I could take Jace to the dance. He had lots of fun and did a lot of break dancing moves. It was really cute. I felt kind of lame being there without Larry, but Jace made it fun for me. He would say, "k mom, show me how to dance and then I will do it." Larry finally got back from Scout camp on Saturday and we went to the dance together that night with Jon and Rachel. We had lots of fun. Probably looked like a bunch of retards, but had fun. Now we are back home and trying to get into the swing of things. Kendall turns 1 on August 6th, and since Larry wasn't home for Jace's b-day we are going to have a little party for them on Sat at the park. It will be lots of fun! We are even more excited cause we get to celebrate it with Savannah and Shayde. Their family is coming up this weekend and since they just had a birthday and turned 6 we are all going to have fun and party together! July is so crazy and fun! We feel very lucky to be able to spend it with family and friends.


Kyndra said...

Hey at least i put on a good picture of you. In one e were makeing funny faces then the other my eyes are half closed. Not fair. Ohh it's payback time. You better be prepared.

Amy said...

You are an awesome mom Megan...and I am glad you had Kyndra to help...she's a cutie! I hope and pray you get quick answers...especially having them check genetically...that's what we are waiting on too! I juat am so thankful for our own trials and that the Lord has blessed us with some xtra special babies that he know we can care for here on Earth! Love and miss you!

Ashley said...

Hey there! Love the new post! I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I am so glad that i got to see you a couple weeks ago! :-)

Kyndra said...

Hey this is for Larry. I never got a picture of you and yeah all the boy comments were annoying but that's not why you don't have a picture. So it's not my fault.

The Lowes said...

Blog stalking pays off! I found you on here! I had no idea you had a blog, I love it! I miss you guys, it's always hard to move away because you loose contact with friends. I will add little Connor and you guys to my prayers. I just love your house and the colors look great to me! Very country looking, love it! My blog is private so if you want an invite email me and I'll invite you!

Dee Waite's said...

Hay nice was nice to see you at the 24th keep in tuch..come see our blog just go into the blog thing..