Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have been real busy with making presents and having fun with my family, but I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was awesome, We were truly blessed this year!
This year we had Nicole's family for Christmas and I really wanted to do something special for them. About 3-4 years ago I remember Nicole saying that she wanted a picture of Christ with children, but that there were never any with two babies or two girls and since she has twins she wanted one with two girls. So I wanted to have someone draw it for me, but never got around to doing it until now. Here is the picture and I think it is PERFECT!
Craig Cutler drew this picture of Jesus and put my nieces in as the children. It turned out AWESOME and my sister LOVES it! Thank you so much Craig, you are amazing! The look on my brother-in-law and sister's face as they opened it was priceless!

Below are the fun crafts that I made for my sister with the help of my friends Kaycee Gardner and Becca Martin. Thanks guys, it was lots of fun and I really appreciate all your help.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sad Day!

My poor Jace had a very rough day yesterday! He started off by smashing his thumb in the door of our linen closet taking off the skin by his nail bed. He has been so sad and thinks he can't use his thumb anymore cause it will hurt and make it so much worse.

He got over it quickly cause he was so excited to go to school for his Christmas program. He has been practicing his songs for some time now and was real excited for us to come and watch. We were getting ready to go to his program when I got a call from the school. They told me that Jace had fallen and bit his tongue. I went to go get him thinking it wouldn't be that bad, cause he tends to be a little dramatic about things. This is what I saw! My poor little guy bit through his tongue!

His teacher said he was rocking back and forth in his chair and she had just finished telling him to sit still so he wouldn't get hurt, and as she turned around and was walking back to her desk he fell forward and hit his chin on the table and bit his tongue.

The nurse advised me to take him the Dr.'s office and tell them it was a school emergency. Our Dr. said that he would most likely need stitches and that he would need to go to the ER to do it so they could put him under and monitor him through it all. We got there around 2:00 and we didn't leave until about 8:30. Jace was such a trooper the whole time. He didn't even cry when they gave him his IV. That is huge for Jace!

Here is a picture of him while he was waiting for a room in the OR to open up. Isn't he so cute?!

They said his tongue would swell pretty good in the next couple of days, but that he should recover just fine! I'm not sure exactly how many stitches he has, but they had to do a few on the bottom, some in the middle, and there are at least 8-10 on the top.

He was very sad to have missed his Christmas program, but his Aunt Kristi told him that when he gets better that he and Brynn can sing the songs for us and she will video them so we can all watch it together. He is very excited about that and even with a swollen tongue has been practicing the songs for us. It is so cute and so hard not to laugh.

A huge thanks to all for your calls and texts! It means a lot. I guess several kids in Jace's class went home and told their moms that Jace fell and almost bit his tongue off!
And a very special thanks to Joe and Kathy Bushman for traveling to Showlow in the storm to pick up Connor and watch him for us the whole time. You guys are awesome and we really appreciate your friendship! Love you all!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Turkey Day!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving was fun! We stayed here at our house and had my mom, dad, grandma, some of my uncles and cousins over for our wonderful feast. It was nice, we made the rolls(my mom makes the best rolls), a vegetable tray, mashed potatoes, gravy and a few pies! My Grandma and Aunt Susan made the rest of the stuff. I had fun working with my mom in the kitchen too. I was sad that I wasn't able to be with my brothers and sisters, but it was still a good day. My mom made these cute little turkeys out of cookies, frosting, chocolate covered cherries and candy corn. They are so cute and my kids loved them!

My family doesn't really have a family tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving, but I always think of all the things I am grateful for. There are so many things, and I am not sure I have ever written them down. Here are a few!

I have an absolutely amazing HUSBAND! He is such a hard worker and does so much for our family! He is an incredible FATHER! He is so good at helping around the house, telling me how beautiful I am even if I haven't showered and my hair is gross and I have no make-up on and it is like 4:00 in the afternoon and I am still in pajamas. He is my best friend and I love him so much it hurts! I feel so blessed to be his wife and have him for ETERNITY!

I am so Thankful for my FAMILY, and not just my husband and children. I have such wonderful parents, siblings, and inlaws! I am so grateful to have a good relationship with all of them. I love you guys!

I am so unbelievably grateful for my children and the opportunity to be a mom. I love my kids, they are my world and although there are moments when I want to scream and give them away, I wouldn't trade them for anything! I do not like what having kids has done to my body, but they are so worth it. When I look at my body and want to cry, all I have to do is look at my adorable kids and it makes everything better.
I am also so grateful for my Savior and to know that I am a daughter of God! To know where I came from and where I want to be. I love to be inside the Temple. I am thankful for them and I love knowing that because of them I can be with my family FOREVER!
I am so grateful for all of my friends too! You guys are the best! I love you all and hope that your Thanksgiving was as good as mine!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!

This year we went to St. Johns to trick or treat, and it was lots of fun. We stayed with our good friends the Richardsons. Larry had to work, so having their help along with my mom's was very nice. Thanks guys, you are the BEST!

I was a rapper or a gangsta whichever you prefer, Kendall was Winnie the Pooh pumpkin, Connor was Spider-Man, and Jace was Batman.

We had a costume party at Leslie Welkers house so we all tried to dress up. I loved Rachel's costume, Pocahontas has nothing on you Rach! And although I thought my costume was cool, after seeing the pictures I can see that I was soooo wrong I am too white to pull it off and I look like a huge dork! The important thing is that I had fun :D and Jace loved that I dressed up for Halloween. He thought my teeth were the coolest!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I updated the post below with pictures if you want to scroll down to look. They are super funny!
Also Tiffany's surgery went well and she is doing much better. Thank you all for your love, support and prayers!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So OCTOBER is a crazy month for birthdays in our family on both sides. There are 14 of us with birthdays if I am counting right, and 3 of those are in my little family. Larry turned 29 on the 16th, I am 25 today, and Connor will be 3 on the 24th! Like I said, CRAZY!
This year for our birthdays has been a little different, we usually do something together, but Larry started a new job and has been working a lot and I just got back from Utah, so we haven't seen each other since Wednesday morning. I didn't get to see him on his birthday :( and he won't get to see me on mine. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow afternoon and we can all do something fun together!

My mom, dad, Nicole, Logan and I went to Utah to surprise Tiffany for her graduation. We left Wednesday and drove all night so we could make it there Thursday morning and spend all day Thurs. and Fri. with her then drive home Sat. morning. It was a quick trip, but so much fun! I had no kids which was nice but sad too. It was the first time I have ever been away from my children besides being in the hospital to have a baby. So it was kind of hard, but I had a blast! Tiffany graduated in massage therapy and she gave us all a massage, It was heaven! Thanks Tiff, we are so proud of you!

A huge THANK YOU to Kristi, Kathy, and Churstan for watching my kids so I could go! You guys are the best!

Her are some pictures of how much fun we had!

The four of us above, and the sexy people who created us below.

Some of the fun I had with the computer!

Sexy Huh!

How I really look, and if anyone says not much different, I will hurt you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rough Day

My sweet Connor started school on Monday and it was such a bitter-sweet day for me. Connor is such a handful, and I kept saying that I couldn't wait for him to start school so it would give me a break. Well, when they told me he could start school as soon as Monday October 6th, I just started crying. I feel like I don't know him very well, and the only time that I didn't know that he had any problems, he was a baby and I always felt that special bond with him, but now as a toddler he doesn't communicate very well with us and it has been so sad and frustrating. I have this wish that he will do amazingly well in school and start talking like crazy and then he can come home and be with me and not have to go to school until Kindergarten. He only goes to school for 2 hours, and the little break is nice, but I would give anything to have him be able to talk to me and tell me all the things he has been trying to tell me for the last year and a half and just be at home with me. He is so sweet and lovable. The batteries in my camera died right as I was getting ready to take him to school, but luckily my mom's cousin came to the rescue and she let me use her camera. She will be e-mailing me the pictures soon and then I will post them. He looks so big and so stinkin' cute with his spiderman backpack(ba-pa) and he gets to ride the bus. Yes it is the short bus. Ask me if I feel like a complete jerk for making fun of people who ride the short bus to school. I would tease with my friends and say, "Yeah, well you ride the short bus to school!" thinking that it was funny. Well not so much now! It was a rough day:(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I couldn't come up with the right words for a title to this post, so you can pick one if you like.

Grandma Noni came here to do a Reptile and Amphibian presentation for Larry's scouts and we got to go and watch. Jace was not in the least bit scared of anything there.
On Sunday Connor fell and hit is head on one of the metal doors. Poor guy probably needed stitches, but if any of you know the Chlarsons, you don't go to the doctor. You just super glue it and get a butterfly band aid and call it good! I was in a meeting when it happened and Larry knew I would probably freak and overreact so he took care of it.
Yes folks this is poop! Kendall decided to leave me a present in the bath tub right after giving her a bath. Lovely isn't it? Luckily the water was already drained and she didn't step in it. I know it is gross to post this and it might offend some people, so sorry in advance, but I thought it was so huge for someone so small and it will be fun to tease her when she gets older :) I also thought it was funny cause just before she did it, I was on the phone to my sister Nicole telling her how my kids were driving me crazy and I was about ready to beat the crap out of them.

So anybody want to trade places with me and take care of my kids! I know you are all jealous!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

6 Years!

This is us 6 years ago today! I love my handsome hubby so much! He is such a hard worker and does so much for me. I am so grateful to have him in my life . He is such a loving husband, father, and friend. I don't know what I would do without you babe! I love you and I appreciate all you do for our family. I am so happy to have you for Eternity! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Funny Boy!

I have to write about Jace and the funny things he has been doing since he started school. First, I have to tell you that I have been a little scared about him going to school because he likes to mouth off alot and he always has to have the last word. If he has something to tell you he will not shut up until he has said whatever it is he needs to say. It is quite annoying but sometimes funny:) He also hasn't had any pre-school and most of the kids here have, but he is a quick learner and I think he will be fine. If Larry and I feel the need, we will just have him do Kindergarten again.

So on with the funny things! On the first day of school they had a little orientation to show the kids the classroom and meet thier class mates and all of that fun stuff. The teacher gave each kid a star with thier name on it and she had a little basket for each child that had scissors, crayons, pencils and other fun learning stuff. I guess Jace thought it would be cool to get his scissors out and sword fight with one of the other kids. Yes that would be a Chlarson boy to be the first one in trouble! Larry and I weren't there when it happened, but one of our friends told us about it. Her son and Jace are really good friends. Then when it was time to leave, the teacher told all the kids to leave there little baskets at thier desk (because they stay at school) and so she can write thier name where they sit. Jace walks over to his spot and starts to take his star and the teacher told him that it stays at school. The little fart starts to argue with her about it cause it is his and it has his name so he gets to take it home. "No sweetie this stays here so it will be here when you come tomorrow." Jace says, "Then I a want my scissors." "No the scissors stay here too." Jace-"but you said they were mine and I want to take them home." The whole time I was wishing he would just shut up and go get his suff out of his cubby like the rest of the kids. Finally he let it go and listened. When we got home we had a little talk about listening to the teacher and not arguing. Hopefully he will get better at that quick!

He is on his second week and he is loving it. He comes home singing songs about the rules of the school and tells me about stories that they read. It is really fun to listen to him. I asked him if he was learning any letters or numbers at school and he looked at me and scrunched up his face and said, "Na my teacher doesn't like that kind of stuff!" Then a couple of days later he said, "Mom, do you know that if you are retarded at school that means you are late." I about peed my pants. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes. Just yesterday he asked me if I would comb his hair like his friend J.T. (combed to the side and not spikey) "I want my hair like that so the kids at school will think I am cool!" It was too cute. He looked a little nerdy, but he thought he was cool stuff! A funny picture of his huge mouth! He was laughing so hard at something Kendall was doing in the kitchen and I got a shot of it. Just looking at this one makes me laugh! He is such a goof.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My baby is ONE and 1st day of school

My kids are growing up way too fast! Jace has started school and Kendall turned one on the 6th. I feel a little old! I cannot believe how time flies. It is crazy!
It is fun to see Kendall and her personality. She is a little fire cracker! She is walking now and she says quite a few words. She has passed Connor in speech and physical abilities. It seems so new, because it has been 4 years since we experienced all of this with Jace. We still get to experience it with Connor too, it is just a little bitter sweet that my 1yr. old is talking and walking better than my almost 3yr. old. He will get there with time and maybe seeing her do and say things will help him.
Here are some pics of Kendall during her first year! Only a few minutes old and she already knows how to give the stink eye!One of my favorites of her blessing day!

The boys loved to hold her. Jace is always saying, "take a picture with me holding sissy."

Connor has always loved holding her, she has never liked it so much. He usually hurts her, but not meaning to, so now whenever he even gets near her she starts to whine. She is a bit of a drama queen!
She had such crazy hair before we cut it. I thought she looked like a little rooster:)
I think this one is so flippin cute! My little punk rocker! ... See how wierd her hair looks! That is why we cut it! I am so glad we did too! Thanks Tiff.
Here she is with her best friend, Evanna Richardson. And yes I know the bow is a little crazy! She looks more like a present! I thought it was cute though.
Here we are at Reilly's wedding. I love having a little girl!
Our little Easter bunny! Sooo cute!

Found her playing in the linen closet. She had so much fun!

Loves to wear my sunglasses! She looks like a fly:) I love it!

It was hard having her turn 1! I wish she could stay little forever! Normally we would start trying for another baby about now, but since things are a little crazy with Connor we are holding off for a while.

Here are the joys of my life! Aunt Ruthie bought them these cute clothes, and I love them! This picture was taken on Jace's first day of school, and everyone got to put on a new outfit. Thanks Ruth, we love you!

Here are more pictures of Jace's first day.

He was a little mad that I made him take picures in front of our house. He just wanted to get to school, so he said, "Mom, you can wait and take them when we are at my school, you need to take me now!"

A fun but scary day for me! I know he will do great though. Larry and I are so proud of him. We love you Jace!

I know there are a lot of pictures, but I don't know how to do a slide show. Sorry!

I also don't know how you get it to where you can click on the picture and make it go big, so if anyone can help me out, it would be nice!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A lot going on = Long post

So... A lot has happened in the last few weeks. On the 14th of July we had to be in Phoenix for an Opthamologist appt for Connor. It was just a check up to see if anything has changed, and it hasn't. He still has mild CVI and they want to see us again in December or January. The Dr. told me that his CVI isn't what is causing his lack of speech or his imbalance so we are still looking into what IS causing it. Larry couldn't come with me, so my mom came and helped out a ton! Thanks mom, couldn't have done it without you! Also a huge thanks to Nicole for letting us stay at her house. It was lots of fun for us. We came home on the 15th then had to go to the E.N.T. on the 17th. I had church softball games to go to as well, so it was a little crazy! Luckily my awesome friend Kyndra from my old ward in Mesa came and stayed with us. She is amazing! She was such a huge help. She did it as one of her value projects in Young womens and I am so grateful for it! I think she should be able to pass off like 3 or 4 of em. She did so much for me. I even got in a few naps! It was gr8t. Here are some pics of us being funny!She was only going to stay from Tues.- Sun. but she was able to stay a few more days which worked out perfect cause Connor had to see an Audiologist on Monday the 21st and a Pediatrician that works with kids who have special needs on the 22nd. Yeah, it was a crazy week, and still no more answers. They all just tell me that there is definitely something going on with him, but they don't know exactly what it is. They just know that he is globally delayed. They will probably send him to a developmental pediatrician in the Valley and have him see a geneticist too... So for now we just keep doing his therapy and he will most likely start school when he turns 3 in October. He has made some progress. When we ask him to do something for us or tell him it is time for bed he will look at us and say "no" which is good that he is answering, not that he is telling us no. Also when I went to pick him up from nursery last Sunday he ran to me and said "mama" for the first time! I was so excited! I got all teary eyed and was praising him for saying it to me. The nursery ladies probably thought I was a freak show, but I don't care. He has mumbled and said mamamamama a lot of times, but never referred to me as mama. It has always just been "ma." It was a great day! I love him so much. Just this morning Larry and I found him in his room like this. He does the funniest things!

So after all the "fun" with Connor's appts. we took Kyndra to meet her parents, came home and got Larry ready for Scout Camp and we packed up to go to SJ for the 24th celebrations. It was a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while. We also celebrated Jace's 5th birthday on the 25th. Here are some pics.

He had just woke up and said, "OK mom, now can I open my present?" He got a Ben 10 watch, the only thing he had been asking for for his birthday. Then we decorated his cake together.

After decorating his cake we got ready to go to his friend J.T.'s house to play for a little while until the rodeo started. Then we went to the rodeo so he could see his cousins and ride a horse.
It was so fun to spend the day with him. I took Connor to the day care that my aunts run in SJ so I could focus my attention on Jace and make him feel extra special. Kendall came with us, but once we got there our good friend Heather Peterson took her and I barely saw her the whole time we were at the rodeo.
Cousin Colt managed to steal her away for a little while. They look so cute together! After the rodeo we went to the camp fire circle to eat and visit more with old friends. That is where we sang happy birthday to Jace and let him dig into his cake. He only wanted to eat the m and m's and I told him no so that other people could have some. He wasn't very happy with me and when I wasn't looking he got his cake and took off a handful of the m and m's and shoved them in his mouth. I wasn't fast enough with my camera to get a picture :( but it was funny! Then my mom watched Kendall and Connor so I could take Jace to the dance. He had lots of fun and did a lot of break dancing moves. It was really cute. I felt kind of lame being there without Larry, but Jace made it fun for me. He would say, "k mom, show me how to dance and then I will do it." Larry finally got back from Scout camp on Saturday and we went to the dance together that night with Jon and Rachel. We had lots of fun. Probably looked like a bunch of retards, but had fun. Now we are back home and trying to get into the swing of things. Kendall turns 1 on August 6th, and since Larry wasn't home for Jace's b-day we are going to have a little party for them on Sat at the park. It will be lots of fun! We are even more excited cause we get to celebrate it with Savannah and Shayde. Their family is coming up this weekend and since they just had a birthday and turned 6 we are all going to have fun and party together! July is so crazy and fun! We feel very lucky to be able to spend it with family and friends.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I saw this on my friend and my sister's blog and it looks like lots of fun, so play along with me!

Here is how:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember.

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory of you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

New Callings!

Larry and I were called as team teachers to the Valiant 11 and 12 classes in primary a few months ago. It has been a fun class to teach and I really enjoy the kids. I was also loving that it was something Larry and I could do together. Well, about a month ago they called Larry to be the new Scout Master and said that they were looking in to finding me a new team teacher. I was a little sad that we wouldn't be teaching together anymore, but excited for Larry to be in scouts. He loves scouts and I know he will do an amazing job. I am not too excited about all of his meetings on Sunday mornings cause we have church at nine and he is usually the one who gets up makes breakfast and gets the kids ready while I shower and get ready. I know I am a little spoiled, and I love it! He will also be gone to Scout camp for the weekend of the 24th celebrations in St. Johns :( I was hoping he would be there so we could go to the dance. I love dancing! The kids and I will still probably come and enjoy everything else. . . So, now for my new calling. About two weeks ago the bishop called me in, and I was hoping it was to tell me about my new teaching companion, Wrong! He called me in to ask if I would except a new calling to be the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. At first I thought he was kidding, but he said that they prayed about it and felt like it was where the Lord wanted me to be. How can you say no to that? Larry was full of grins the whole time. I even punched him while we were in there. He has always teased me about being called to the Primary or Relief Society presidency. I am so glad it is Primary! Today was my first day and I had to conduct. It wasn't so bad. I think it will help me grow spiritually and get me out of my comfort zone. If any of you have had this calling and have any helpful advice feel free to send it my way.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

About Time!

I know, it is about freakin' time that I updated my blog! But seriously if any of you had my children, you would understand! I love them all so much and they are so worth all the crazy days that I go through. . . People tell me to do it when my kids are napping or when they go to bed at night, but Jace doesn't nap and when there is time for just us, meaning Larry and I or Jace and I, I eat it up! Poor Jace is always put on the back burner because Connor requires so much attention. I feel so bad for him especially when all of Connor's therapists come over and bring toys and focus all thier attention on Connor. I can tell they get a little irritated with Jace, cause he just wants to be right in the middle of it. So everyday this is what I hear from Jace. "Hey mom, when connor and sissy go to sleep will you play Shrek with me or will you put Connor and sissy to bed so you can play with me and then we can watch a movie! Oh, I love that kid so much! He is turning 5 this month and will be starting school. I can't believe how quickly time flies. The picture below is one of Jace a few months ago, his cheek got real swollen and I thought that maybe it was because we had popcorn a few nights before and one of the kernals got stuck in his gums. So we just gave him some tylenol and after a few days it went away. Well a couple of weeks after that I noticed he had an absess on his tooth and took him to the dentist. The dentist said he would have to have it pulled, then not even three weeks later he got another absess just above the other one and the dentist said they couldn't save it. I was so mad, I try really hard to make sure there teeth get brushed and taken care of, and all of this was happening. I was so sad, but the dentist said he would be fine and that there was nothing you could do to prevent an absess, which made me not feel like such a crappy mom for not taking better care of his teeth. It doesn't help that both Larry and I have very sensitive teeth. Guess our kids inherited that crap!

Connor is doing a little better. He is still into everything. Every day I have to make sure that my room, the bathroom, laundry room, the pantry and the front door are locked and then I don't have too many problems with him. He still tries to get on top of the counter and throw stuff off about 3-4 times a day. I am not so much worried that he will break something or that there is more for me to clean up as I am of him falling off and hurting himself, cause he has done it a couple of times and luckily he is still ok:) He is so sweet and loving, but man I should be anorexic looking for how much he gets into! The little fart threw my cell phone in the toilet and I lost all my numbers, so if you have a chance call me or text me your number please! He will start school when he turns three and that will be good for both of us I think. I get so stressed worrying about him. It is so nice when Larry is home, I feel like I can relax a little cause he is there to help out.

I took this picture when he was trying to watch Dora in his room and he was a little irritated with me cause I kept trying to get him to look at me and say "cheese!" I was taking it with my cell phone, and couldn't get one where he didn't look part retarded.

Kendall has been crawling everywhere and pulling herself up and walking along things for a couple of months now. It is hard to believe that she will be turning 1 next month. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. If I wasn't already pregnant with her when everything with Connor started happening, she probably wouldn't be here. Heavenly Father must have known I needed her and she has been such a good baby!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Destroying Angel

I know it has been too long since I have posted anything and I am sorry! It is not that I do not want to, I do and I try several times a week, but my sweet little destroying angel, Connor, makes it a little difficult. Today in the two minutes that my eyes weren't directly on him, he took off his diaper, went onto my washer and dryer and started throwing my laundry detergent on the floor. When I got to him I swatted his bottom and told him to go find his diaper. I was looking for it too, and couldn't find it. He found it and was holding it in front of him trying to put it back on and as I was coming to help him he looked up at me and said, "pee pee pee" then he started peeing all over my kitchen floor and on top of his diaper. So my friends, in order to keep these messes from happening all day, I do not spend much time on the computer. Right now he and Kendall are both asleep and Jace is playing over at the neighboors so I am enjoying the quiet and my time on the computer without interuptions! I am also posting the book tag on this one cause I don't know when I will have free time like this again.

I have been book Tagged by my sister Tiffany. It is her birthday today, Happy Birthday Tiffany I love you and miss you!

Instructions are as follows;
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog.
5. Tag 5 people.

The book I picked up is Hazardous Duty by Betsy Brannon Green

"The idea of him keeping her safe and warm was strange yet intriguing."
I picked the 4th sentance to post, cause the 5th one is pretty lame.

Tag your it! Anyone who has a desire feel free to do so!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crazy Life!

OK, for the past 10 months my life has been a little crazy! At the end of last May my husband called me and said,"Ok I've had enough, we are definately moving and we will be gone by the end of June!" So it all started there... We had been thinking and praying about moving to the White mountains and having Larry build homes with his brother Doug and start an Electrical business. I felt good about it but Larry never told me how he really felt so I thought maybe we would eventually, but not until I had Kendall. Wrong! I was shocked when he called and told me we would be moving in a month, but we both felt good about it so we moved. It was hard moving, cause we didn't have a place to stay at first so we moved in with my parents for a few months. I love my parents and I am grateful for thier help, but it is not easy to live with another family!While living with my parents we had our 3rd child, Kendall Rae Chlarson born on 08/06/07 weighing 8lbs. 21 inches long.

This is my cute family getting ready to take me home! Connor was so excited to see his little sister "Doll" that he wouldn't look at the camera. I was so grateful to have my moms help, three kids is a little crazy! I don't think it would be too bad, but my sweet Connor has Global Developmental Delay and Cortical Visual impairment(CVI). He is really imbalanced, falls down all the time, screams a lot and he doesn't talk much. He will only say the beginning of things like Ma and Da for mom and dad, but he has an awesome speech therapist that comes once a week and a physical therapist that comes twice a month. He is getting better, but right now it is his behavior that is driving me insane! I swear, about 2-3 times a day I really want to beat the ish out of this kid, but I don't. With his CVI his brain doesn't always understand or interpret what his eyes see, so he is confused a lot of the time. He is very smart and so sweet when he wants to be. I love him so much, but he is definately my challenge.
I just love his cheesy smile! This is a picture of him on his 2nd birthday.

Jace is my four year old and my big helper. He is such a good big brother. He also loves to do role play as well as play dress up(see previous posts). This past week I have played Velma, Patrick Star, daughter, Fiona, and princess Aurora(sp?) He cracks me up! He was also such a great helper when dad was building our house.

Aren't my boys so cute? Larry looks a little like a mountain man, but still so handsome to me! I am so proud of him, he and Doug did such a great job building our house. Larry loved every minute of doing it too! They let me pick the color of the outside and I was so excited cause I saw some really pretty houses by the Temple that were a light tan with a deep red trim and I loved it so that is what I wanted. As you can see it didn't turn out as I had planned. I loved the way the color samples looked together, but on the house I hate it! It looks like a toy barn and what makes it worse is that they are the same colors as the Jiffy Lube. Not so great. Larry keeps telling me to get over it, but it is kind of hard. We did end up getting a brown color to change the trim and then it won't look as bad. I love the inside and our awesome friends Jon and Rachel Richardson came over and helped us put up all of my decorations. We would just tell our husbands, "no a little to the left, now up a little, right there!" It was fun for us but probably not our men. Thanks Jon and Rachel for all your help!

This is the view of our living room when you walk thru the front door.Then the living room goes into the dining room. You like our table and mismatched chairs? They were free.99 so I'm not complaining!
Then here is the view of the Kitchen from the dining room.
I am loving it! It has been hard being away from my family that is in the valley, but I do like it here. It was just a little crazy getting here. We moved to my parents when I had 5 weeks left of my pregnancy. We were trying to get answers about Connor, then I had our baby, then we moved again in November to a trailor of my Grandma's, it was like 20 years old, but it was a place of our own until our house was done and we were able to move into it in the beginning of Feb. Now I finally feel settled. We are so grateful for all of the love, support, and prayers from family and friends! Thank you all!