Monday, November 9, 2009

I updated the post below with pictures.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy Life

For the last month and a half, things have been so busy and crazy at our house. Here is what my calendar looked like :)

9/26 - Went to Mesa for a baptism, and bought a Van
9/28 - Took Connor to Opthamologist, still has mild CVI
- car broke down in Payson, good thing we had the van
10/1 - Jace - Soccer game
10/2 - My Dad's B-day
10/5 - Dentist appt. for Jace
- Cooper's B-day (Lamar and Jaime's little boy)
10/6 - Jace - Soccer game
- Jaimie's B-day (Amy and Mike's oldest)
10/7 - Me - Foot Dr. in RV
10/8 - Jace - Soccer game
- Christie's B-day (Amy and Mike's youngest)
10/13 - OB appt. for me in RV
- Jace - Soccer game
10/15 - Tiff had baby Owen!
- Took Connor to ENT- has enlarged tonsils
10/16 - Larry and Lamar turned 30!

We met Lamar's family in Globe for lunch to celebrat the them turning 30

10/19 - I turned 26 went to foot Dr. and
had plantar warts cut out of my feet.
10/21 - Zach's B-day (Jaime and Lamar's oldest)
10/22 - Parent Teacher Conference- Jace is doing great!
- Reilly's Birthday
10/23 - Carson (Logan's boy) and Courtney's (Deb's girl) B-day
10/24 - Connor (turned 4) and Cheri's (Ruth's youngest ) B-day

10/27 - Was offered a job with NEC and I accepted!
10/28 - OB and Foot Dr. Appts in Showlow
10/31 - Halloween was lots of FUN!
- Natalie's B-day

Jace was Bumble Bee from Transformers, Connor was Sherriff Woody and Kendall was a Lady Bug Larry and I were just supposed to be a King and Queen, but he looked like the Burger king guy, so we were Burger King and Dairy Queen.

11/04 - Connor had his tonsils and adenoids removed
- OB appt. for me

So lots of trips to either Round Valley or Show low for Dr. appts and lots of birthdays. October always seems crazy with all the birthdays, but adding all the appts and trying to get myself ready for a new job and for the baby to come, it has been even more hectic.

Larry has a deer hunt up by Thatcher next weekend and I start my new job on Tuesday11/10. I will try and get as much training done as I can before the baby comes. Let's hope I don't have her early. I've never gone into labor early before, but watch just because I have so much that needs to be done she we come early. We'll just have to wait and see. I have 3 weeks left, wish me luck!
Larry and his scruffy beard for his dear hunt, I can't wait till it comes off!