Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love my kids!

I just have to write down a few fun things my kids have been doing lately before I forget.

First I will start with Jace:

Right before New Years, we were in St. Johns at my mom's and we were in the kitchen and out of the blue Jace says to my mom, "Grandma Ruthie how come Heavenly Father thought you were so special to make you my mom's mom?" It was so sweet. Several months ago he asked me why Grandma Ruthie was my mom and I told him that Heavenly Father thought she was special so he sent me to her. I love when they remember things like that. It made my mom feel good too! . . . Then just recently we were sitting at the table finishing up dinner and Larry told Jace that when his watch says Eight o'clock that it is time for bead, and Jace says, " Eight o'clock or eight o'watch?" I thought it was so flippin funny. Jace is such a good kid and is such a help with Connor and Kendall.

Now for Connor:
He is making more progress on all levels so we are very happy about that. He is loving school and riding on the bus. Although we do not always understand what he is saying, he will try to say things if you ask him to. I love it when we drop Jace off at school and I tell him bye Jace I love you, Connor will try to say it and it sounds like this, Ba Jiss ala. I love that he is trying so hard to say words. Just tonight we were having family prayer and Connor wouldn't come sit down so we said it without him and he was so sad afterward so we said another one and asked if he wanted to help(he normally never does) and this time he tried to repeat after me. He only gets the first sound of the word like Fa for father but he bowed his head and tried to repeat each word with me and it almost made me cry. My heart was so happy to see him make such huge steps with us. He just beamed after it was over and we praised him for doing such a great job.

And Kendall:

She is our little Fire Cracker. This girl has so much attitude it is not even funny. She has to have it though to put up with Connor's constant tackling. She can be so sweet one minute and so feisty the next. She is always telling us to go away and she gives the perfect stink eye! I know she gets that from me and my sisters. She already loves shoes and clothes and is always into them. It is cute, but it drives me crazy and I now I have a glimpse of what she will be like when she gets older and it is scary! Lately she is into giving hugs to everyone, even Connor and I love it. I need to get a picture of it. She is also such a helper when it comes to throwing things away. she will come to me with stuff and say,"garbage, garbage?" so I can open the door for her or she will get Connor to do it for her. She is so smart and I think her ability to communicate with us so well has helped Connor.

I love my kids and I am so proud of them!