Friday, August 7, 2009

Lots of fun!

These last few weeks have been so fun and so crazy! We had fun at the 24th celebrations visiting with family and friends, although I remember the 24th being so much funner when I was a teenager and didn't have to worry about too much. Now being a mom, it is fun, you don't get to visit too much and there is so much you are responsible for. It is fun to see the kids enjoy everything. It is also a special time for us because Jace was born on the 25th of July so we always get to celebrate him in our family around the same time. He had begged for a pool party, so that is what we did. It was lots of fun! Aunt Nicole took lots of fun pics of the kids jumping off the diving boards. I will have to post those when I get them. Here are a few I got with my camera.Jace making a funny face, he always wants to do goofy pictures!

The crew of cousins and great friends!There is nothing like some yummy hot dogs with chips and dip to go with a pool party! Hope everyone had fun with us!
Here is one of my favorite pics of Larry and Jace! They both love to be silly :0)
We love you Jace! Thanks for being such a good helper, good example, and a hard worker. You are so smart, and dad and I are so proud of you! Hope you had a fun 6th birthday.

Yesterday was Kendall's birthday, she is already 2! It is so hard to believe. She is such a little pistol! She can be so sweet, but most of the time she acts like she is the boss and that she doesn't have to do anything you say. It is hard not to laugh at her. We love you sis! You bring such joy to our family!
They had a hard time keeping their hands off the cake :)

I tried to get her to smile for the camera, but this is what I got. I love it! She is always making faces like this! LOL

It was just our family for her b-day, so we went to breakfast together and then later in the afternoon daddy took us out shooting. We had lots of fun!

She doesn't look so happy, but she did have lots of fun. We just have a hard time getting her to smile for the camera.

Daddy and Connor

Jace got his very own BB gun from uncle Logan for his birthday, so he was having lots of fun being able to shoot it himself.

I was a little scared to take all the kids out shooting, but it turned out to be lots of fun. I am glad Larry is the kind of dad to take time like this for his family. Some of my favorite memories are when my dad took us out shooting.
Thanks to everyone who came and stayed with us! We have had so much fun celebrating and spending time with family!