Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Farm Life!

Since moving to St. Johns things have been so fun and so crazy. We are renting from my brother-in-law, Matt, and we love it out here. They have 10 acres of land and we are on the outskirts of town. It is nice to just let my kids run around and play and not have to worry about them running into the street. This is the house, it needs painting and some yard work done in the front, in time it will come!
It is so nice to be closer to Larry's job. I see him so much more now, and I love it. It is also way cheaper to live here too! The crazy thing is that because we are saving more money and we live on lots of land, Larry has started a farm for us. Seriously no lie. We have over 25 rabbits,

Here are just a few of them.

4 ducks, 10 chickens, 1 turkey, and 2 roosters.

We would have had 13 chickens and 3 turkeys, but we get bull snakes on our farm too and it ate 2 turkeys and killed 3 chicks. Then it got stuck in the cage with the other chicks and turkey. All of this happened when Larry was gone. He wanted me to get the snake out! HA! He had to call his friend to come and do it. I could do without the snakes, Larry says they are good for killing the mice.

I would much rather have a cat to do that then a snake, and I hate cats! We will probably get one though for the mice. Not too excited about it, but I know it will help and the kids will love it.

Here is our dog Copper, the kids love him!

We will be getting a horse soon from Uncle Neuel, but right now we are horse sitting for some friends of ours. Here is a picture of one of them.

Then Larry really wants to get a milk cow or some goats in the future. Who knows, we will just have to wait and see. It is nice and all of this will help us become self sufficient and teach our children responsibility and good work ethics, but almost every time he goes to the feed store he comes back with something different. He has the cutest childlike grin when he comes in and that's how I know he bought something. It drives me crazy sometimes, but all of it will be worth it in the end.
We have even started planting a garden. The picture was taken about a week ago, but we have finished making the rows and planted some corn, watermelon, and cantaloupe. We also want to do cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and maybe some carrots. I am excited about it and so proud of all of Larry's hard work. Thanks babe, I love you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tough Girl

My poor little Kendall is always getting beat up by Connor. He is always tackling her, pushing her down, or sitting on her so she can't move. It was really bad there for a while, and I could never even leave the two of them in the same room. He has gotten so much better lately thank goodness, but now he is throwing things all the time. He always gets in trouble for it and we are always telling him not to throw, but it just doesn't seem to get through to him. Seriously we have done everything but beat the crap out of him. Well last night he threw this stupid toy and Kendall just happened to be in the line of fire.

It is pretty heavy and I have almost thrown it away several times cause I was afraid something like this would happen, but haven't cause I have had it for all my babies to play with when they get to that stage at about 7-9 months when they love the toys that move and make noise. Well it is in the trash now!

I saw him starting to throw it and yelled at him so he would stop, but I was too late. I got up to go spank him, but when I got in there I saw Kendall doubled over and blood squirting from her head. I yelled at my friend, Carin, to go get Bridger who happens to be an ER nurse. I picked her up and put pressure on her head to try and stop the bleeding. He and Larry came running in from outside and Bridger looked at it and continued to put pressure on her head and found out that it was only a small, but deep cut. He told us that because it was a head wound is why it was bleeding so bad, but that we didn't need to take her into the ER. Thankfully their family was here when it happened, cause I know I would have probably called 911 and been freaking out. She quit crying after about two minutes and was fine. We tried to put ice on her head, but she just wanted to eat it. She is perfectly happy now. It is as if it never even happened.

A huge thanks to the Stradling family for being there and helping out. Carin was so sweet to go clean up the puddle of blood off the bedroom floor. Thank you both so much for your help and friendship! We love you guys!