Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I couldn't come up with the right words for a title to this post, so you can pick one if you like.

Grandma Noni came here to do a Reptile and Amphibian presentation for Larry's scouts and we got to go and watch. Jace was not in the least bit scared of anything there.
On Sunday Connor fell and hit is head on one of the metal doors. Poor guy probably needed stitches, but if any of you know the Chlarsons, you don't go to the doctor. You just super glue it and get a butterfly band aid and call it good! I was in a meeting when it happened and Larry knew I would probably freak and overreact so he took care of it.
Yes folks this is poop! Kendall decided to leave me a present in the bath tub right after giving her a bath. Lovely isn't it? Luckily the water was already drained and she didn't step in it. I know it is gross to post this and it might offend some people, so sorry in advance, but I thought it was so huge for someone so small and it will be fun to tease her when she gets older :) I also thought it was funny cause just before she did it, I was on the phone to my sister Nicole telling her how my kids were driving me crazy and I was about ready to beat the crap out of them.

So anybody want to trade places with me and take care of my kids! I know you are all jealous!


huntfam said...

FREAKING HILARIOUS! Wow, that poop really is big for her! Adyson had one like that the other day! It was so fat, I wondered how it came out of a bum hole the size of a raisin. Amazing what kids can do!! HA HA! I love you! I hope Connie's head gets better soon.
Looking at Jace hold that snake makes me want to throw up! I love him though! I miss getting to see them all! LOVE YOU!!

Jon and Rach said...

Of course I do!!!LOL... That is so great! I love moments like that!!! They are the best! Any way I gill call you sometime!!!

Julie said...

That's hilarious! And that really is a huge poop for such a little person! Crazy! And I can't believe Jace holding the snake, I hate snakes... with the passion. I can't even look at them without cringing! Yuck!

Amy said...

WOW...that is one big dookie for a little gal! Funny stuff!
Jace is pure Chlarson right there...no fear...
Kiss that boo boo on Connor's head and know I love and miss you all terribly

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

Holy CRAP!! That was pretty big. It is so funny how these kidos can suprise you every day! Hang in there girl!

Herring Family said...

Megan, I can't believe that you have a kid starting school! That is crazy. I am so happy to see that you and your family are doing so well. Congrats on your anniversary too. Time goes by so fast.

If you want to check out my blog it is:
My wife's blog is:

I hope to hear from you some time.

Dee Waite's said...

wow thats too funny what a gift.LOL...I would never hold a snake I DON"T LIKE THEM AT ALL!!

Tansey said...

You are TOO funny! Hope Connor's head is feeling better and you and Larry had a great anniversary. Tme flies when you are having fun.

Tiffany said...

Hi Meg... so funny your kids are. Sounds about like my life. My sons new thing is whole rolls of t.p. in the toilet. Sometimes 2 or 3 rolls at a time. Always a fun mess. Than he takes it out and throws it around the bathroom. LOL I will give you a call. My number is 739-4385. Take care!!! Tiff